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F137S: Short Nipple Oil Drain Valve with M12-1.75

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These valves have 5 mm (0.2") short hose nipples and are recommended for vehicles with low ground clearance. Our plastic sockets (SH-10 or SL-10) are necessary to securely connect a hose to the nipple.

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Original Engine Oil Drain Valves since 1976

The Original Fumoto Oil Drain Valve has been improving the way oil changes are performed since 1976. By replacing your oil drain plug with a Fumoto valve you can eliminate the mess and the need for tools in your oil change. Choosing Fumoto means no more messy oil spilled on your vehicle, clothes, and floor. Gone are the days of frozen drain plugs and stripped threads. All of a sudden drawing samples for oil analysis is as easy as one, two, three. It's time to upgrade your oil changes by choosing Fumoto.


  • The one-time drain plug replacement becomes your permanent oil changing solution
  • Mess-free, tool-free oil changes that keep your hands, clothes, and floor clean.
  • Money-saving DIY oil changes are now easier.
  • The straight flow structure designed for quick oil draining.
  • The valve is double-sealed from both ends to prevent leaks.
  • Our original UP & TURN lever motions withstand any engine vibrations for no accidental openings.
  • The lever clips provide additional security to the valves.
  • All the valves are manufactured by our affiliated ISO-certified factory in Japan and leak-tested prior to being shipped.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for the item(s) purchased from Fumoto or our authorized sellers in the US or Canada.

Lever Clips for Precaution

When Fumoto valves are closed they are securely locked and will not open by themselves. Lever clips provide additional security to the valves and can only be attached when a lever is fully seated in the locked position. Installing a lever clip confirms that your valve is reliably locked and closed.

Trusted by the Industries

Fumoto has been granted Genuine Parts status in Japan by major auto and truck companies such as; Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Fuso, UD Trucks, and Isuzu. In the United States, the product has been used by Cummins, Caterpillar, Daimler, Paccar, Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, JLG, Taylor Power Systems, and many others.

Broad Applications

Fumoto valves fit most engines and have been used in various applications. Cars, pickup trucks, buses, vans, commercial trucks, RVs, motorcycles, generators, boats, mowers, farm tractors, construction machines, industrial equipment, and many others. The valves are also not limited to oil drain ports but transmissions, air tanks and even to drain the coolant.

Such a brilliant product. No spills, less clean up, and so easy!

A service advisor at Firestone

Weight 0.18 lbs
Product type S
Thread size M12-1.75
Sealing Fiber Gasket
Nipple diameter 3/8" (10mm)
Nipple length 1/5" (5mm)
Body Forged brass
Handle Stainless steel
Spring Stainless steel
Ball Brass (chrome plated)
RoHS Complied (2015/863)
Hydraulic test pressure 0.6 MPa
Leakage test pressure 0.10 MPa
Pressure Rating 145 PSI
Temperature Rating -40° to 365° F
Recommended Torque 177 in lbs (15 ft lbs)

Standard valves

 1. Prepare: 

  • Assemble: Place the blue fiber gasket (not required for tapered thread or O-ring valves) onto the valve so it will sit flat between the oil pan and the valve once installed.
  • Prepare: Remove drain plug from oil pan. Drain old oil. Clean drain port area before installation. 

2. Install:

  • Hand tighten: Thread the valve into the oil drain port by hand, do not cross-thread.
  • Fully Tighten: Tighten with a crescent wrench on the body of the valve*  â…› to ¼ turn past hand tight, or to the value shown on the torque chart for your valve model. Do not over tighten. 
    • Do not use a wrench on the head of the nipple outlet if present.
    • An adapter may be required if the valve cannot be completely tightened due to contact with the oil pan. 

3. Close and Fill up:

  • Close the the valve by firmly turning the control lever clockwise until it stops and is perpendicular to the oil outlet. The lever will click into the recess and lock in position. 
  • Install a lever clip (optional) and refill with new oil.


  • To open the valve, remove the lever clip if installed then lift the lever and turn it.
  • To close the valve, For Standard valves turn the lever firmly until it stops and is perpendicular to the oil outlet. For SX type valves turn the lever firmly until it stops and is parallel to the oil outlet. The lever will click into the recess and lock in position. You should not be able to rotate the lever without first lifting upward. Reinstall the lever clip around the turret of the valve. If the lever is not seated properly, the lever clip will not fit. 


  • Check the oil pan for leaks before operating your vehicle.
  • Drive carefully at all times, and if you run over any foreign object on the road pull over and inspect the valve for any damage or leak.
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  • B.M.
    Jul 4, 2022
    Excellent product and company
    I had one of these valves installed on my truck for over 9 years. It was a pleasure to use and made oil changes a breeze, and much cleaner. Eventually it began to leak a tiny bit of oil (constantly damp but not dipping) and I decided to make a warranty claim. After nearly a decade, I was skeptical that the company would be in business or honor the warranty. To my surprise, I was contacted very quickly and a new updated valve was shipped out to me very quickly. Wow! For anyone worried, I had this for 9 years and never had a problem. The valve will not open on its own under any circumstances. This is a great product and the lifetime warranty, backed by a company that honors it without any hassles, makes this well worth the money.
    Vehicle: Chevrolet Tahoe
    Recommends this product: Yes

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