Fumoto Donates over 400 Teddy Bear

Sep 22, 2020

FUMOTO USA partnered with the Sebastopol Police Department and CHP (Sonoma County Highway Patrol) to give children a little comfort in times of great stress. Over 400 teddy bears were donated to the law enforcement departments. Officer David Derutte of CHP stated that he was grateful for this donation. According to the officer the teddy bears will be given to children that are involved in accidents to comfort them.

Officer Villanueva (President of the SPOA) stated that his department will use the teddy bears in Halloween baskets to give away to children.

California is currently going through a very stressful period. Wildfires are raging all throughout the state leaving panic and devastation in their wake. COVID-19 is no longer the only reason our Fumoto warehouse team members are using face masks while working. The air quality in Sonoma County is not ideal. In times of high stress, accidents are more likely to occur. It is our greatest hope that the donated teddy bears will provide some comfort to children in need. We will leave you with a quote from Fumoto’s own Dory Trebicka “We at Fumoto believe the relationship between first responders and the community is a very important one. We are proud to support and encourage positive interaction with youth.”