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Fumoto Valves for Industrial Equipment

Industrial and heavy equipment require large quantities of oil and frequent oil changes. Fumoto oil drain valves help reduce equipment maintenance time and maximize working hours with their quick operation since 1976 and have sold more than 13 million over the last 40 years.


Mastry Engine Center, a distributor of diesel and other engines for industrial and marine applications, has used Fumoto oil drain valves on its packaged diesel engines since 2000.

“We install them on the diesel engines we distribute. Many of the engines just come with a typical drain plug,” says Arley Bedillion, industrial sales manager at Mastry. “We put the valves in the oil pans for the customer to make their oil draining easier."

Fumoto oil drain valves have been adopted as OEM equipment for industrial machinery such as construction equipment, generators, and compressors from Caterpillar, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Cummins, and Komatsu.

“Fumoto provides a quick and easy service option for our engine units. Technicians are more likely to provide the proper service at the proper interval due to the reduced waste and reduced labor time required.”

Engineering Manager at Zenith Power Product


Are you in a business operating many commercial trucks? Contact us today for a free sample to experience how easy, clean and safe Fumoto valves will transform your oil changes!