Celebrate Earth Day with Every Oil Change

Apr 22, 2023

While the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve is known by customers for making DIY oil changes clean and convenient, it is precisely these values that make it an eco-friendly product, and this is what we shared with the public on April 22, 2023 at the 53rd Annual Earth Day Festival in San Francisco, California, the city where the first Earth Day was officially recognized and celebrated in 1970. 

Since 2021, we have worked with the City of San Francisco’s Environment Department to give away hundreds of Fumoto Valves to San Francisco residents. By sponsoring a booth at the Earth Day festival, we were able to connect with the people of San Francisco and their international visitors in person and share the environmental benefits of using the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve. 

The festival was held in world-famous Golden Gate Park on a sunny spring day, the perfect weather to enjoy the festival’s activities, including live music, art installations, environmental presentations, cooking demonstrations, and Fumoto Oil Drain Valve demonstrations. The Fumoto team at the booth included members of the North American distribution center in Santa Rosa (which is just an hour north of San Francisco) and our company president Yuho Yamamoto, who flew over from the New York headquarters to participate. We greeted hundreds of festival goers at our table and explained how the valve works.Along with demonstrating the valve’s use, we had the opportunity to tell guests about the positive effect using Fumoto valves can have on the environment.

For the past 47 years, the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve has been making engine oil changes clean and simple. But the value of the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve goes beyond the convenience factor for the individual customer. The Fumoto Oil Drain Valve prevents the typical oil spillage during an oil change. The oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of water if the oil is not properly contained in a receptacle. But with the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve, rather than dealing with oil spilling onto the driveway and into local waterways, or dealing with trying to drain an oil pan full of oil into a narrow-neck oil recycling container and again spilling oil onto the driveway, you can simply switch the Fumoto lever and drain the oil directly into an oil recycling container with no mess. And the more we recycle our used oil, the less we have to produce through crude oil, which further lowers our environmental impact. By using the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve, our customers are helping the planet. 

Being stewards of the Earth can be as simple as a switch of a lever. That’s how easy changing oil with the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve is, and that’s how easy taking care of the Earth should be.