Heavy Duty & Industrial Engine Applications

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Engine Make Model Adapter Part #  Part # for N-Type
 Caterpillar:  3304, 3306, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3408, 3412, 3456, 3176    T-205 T205NS
   C-10,   C-11, C-12, C-13, C-15 (Acert model use ADP-205 adapter), C-16, C-18  ADP-205 T-205


  Engines listed above may use optional tapered NPT 1"-12 (1 5/16" diameter)    T-200 T200N
   3126,   3126B, 3126E(with 28L oil pan), C-6.6, C-9 engines    T-204 T204N
  C-7,   3116(with 21L oil pan), 3126E (with 21L oil pan)    F-104 F104N
   3508, 3512    N/A N/A
 Cummins: B-Series(3.3L, 3.9L, & 5.9L), (6.7L Dodge), C-Series (8.3L), QSB, ISB, ISC, ISL,   ISLG, ISQ, QSL engines (*In rare cases these engines may use FG7B)    F-104



  B-Series  6.7L, 3.3L, 4.5L, QSB (side)   FG7B  FG7BNS
  Signature Series, ISX, QSX15    T-211 T211NS
  K19, QSK19 (*To be used with adapter ADP-116) ADP-116 T-204


  All  other engines (including Big Cam 3, L-10, M-11, N-14, ISM & ISN)    T-203 T203NS
 Detroit Diesel: 60  Series, 50 Series. *Some 2012 & on Detroit Diesel 60 series would require   ADP-201.  ADP-201  T-201  T-201N
   40 Series    FG-5  
   30 Series    F-111 F-111N
  2000 (V8   & V12), 4000 Series. DD-13 & DD-15 (Require adapter ADP-211) ADP-211 T-211 T-211NS
  Other large   engines   T-201 T-201N
  Series  53, 71, 92 and other small engines   T-202 T-202N
Deutz: Up to 130 hp, F5L912, F6L912   FG7B FG7BNS
  F3L913,   BF3L913, F4L913, BF4L913,F6L913, BF6L913, F8L413   FG-7 FG7N
  1011 Group (F3L1011F, BF3L1011F, F4L1011F, BF4L1011F)   F-104 F-104N
  W1450   F-108 F-108N
Ford: 6.9L  Diesel & 7.3L Diesel (up to '94)   F-101 F-101N
  7.3L Diesel (95' & on)   F-111 F-111N
  All Other   Diesel engines   T-204 T-204N
  Gasoline   engines.... See Light Truck Listing      
Hino: H06C, H07C, W04C, EC100, W06E   FG7B FG7BNS
  F21C,   F20C, F17D, J05C, J08C, S05D, W04D, H07C, EH700   F-104 F-104N
  DS50,   EP100, EL100, EM100, E13C   FG-7 FG7N
International: V304,   V345, V392, MV404, V420(6.9L), MV446, DT360(up to '93)   F-101 F-101N
  T444E,   VT275, VT365, Maxxforce 5   F-111 F-111N
  Maxxforce 7   F-106 F-106N
  Maxxforce   15 w/Cat engine (‘12 & on)   T-205 T-205N
  DT360   ('94 & on), DT408, DT530, DT461, DV462, DT466 ('94 - '04), V461, V462,   V466, V478, V537, V549, DV550, DV551(9.0L), 986, 1086, 1486, 1466, D150,   D170, D190   T-208 T-208N
  Maxxforce   11 (all), 13 (all), 15 (pre-2012) engines   T-211 T211NS
  DT360('94   & on), DT466('94-'04), DT408, DT530, DT570, HT570   FG-5  
  DT466,   DT570 ('05 & on), Maxxforce LT, Maxxforce DT, Maxxforce 9 & 10 engines   F-104 F-104N
Isuzu: 4BD1,   4BD2, 4BC2, 4BC1, 4HE1, 4JG1, 4JG2, 4BA1, 6BB1, 6BD1, 6BG1, 2KL1   F-105 F105N
  6BF1,   6HE1, 6HF1, 6HK1, 6WA1, 6WG1, G161, C240, 4LE1, 3KR1, 3KC1   F-105 F105N
  4BE1,   4BG2, 4JA1, 4JB1, 4ZC1, C223, C200   F-106 F-106N
  6SA1,   6RA1, 6QA1, 6RB1, 6SD1, 6BF1, 6QA2, 4JJ1, 8PA1, 8PB1, 8PC1   FG-6  
  10PA1,   10PB2, 10PC1, 10PE1, 12PB1,12PC1, E120, DA220, DA640, DH100H   FG-6  
Mack: Midliner engines   F-109 F109N
  MP-7, MP-8   engines   FG-8 FG8NS
  E-7   Series, EM-7 Series, ASET engines   F-105 F105N
  All other engines   T-206 T206N
Mercedes: 06   & on, MBE900, MBE906, MBE4000, all require adapter ADP-22 ADP-22 FG7B FG7BNS
  All   other truck engines. (MBE4000- up to '05 require adapter ADP-207) ADP-207 T-207 T207N
Mitsubishi Fuso: Heavy/Medium duty trucks   F-104 F104N
  Light duty trucks   F-106 F106N
Paccar: PX-6, PX-7,   PX-8, PX-9   F-104 F104N
  MX engines up to 2011   T-203 T203N
  2012   & on MX engines, & 2013 T660   T-207 T207N
UD-Nissan: NE6T, FE6T   FG-6  
Volvo Penta: TD60A,   TD70E, TD70F, TD100, TD101, TD120, TD121   T-206 T206N
Volvo Truck: 1983   engines, VED12D, D-12, Most late model engines   TG-8 TG8NS
  D-13 (2011-2014 & maybe other years) D-16 engine   T-211 T211NS
  Most other engines   T-206 T206N
Other Industrial Engines        
Engine Make Engine Model Adapter Part # Part # for N-Type
 Allis Chalmers: 213, 320, 426  engines    F-108 F108N
Briggs &   Stratton:  Small engines with NPT-3/8 plug    - F110N
  Large   engines with NPT-1/2 plug    T-202 T202N
 Continental: Late   model engines from 41AL00200     T-204 T204N
  Older   engines upto W4B00106    T-208 T208N
  Small   pump/gen-set engines with NPT-3/8 plug    - F110N
 Deutz: F5L912,   F6L912 engines    FG7B FG7BNS
  FM1008   F-109 F109N
  B/FL413,   B/FL513, B/FL912, B/FL913, B/FL914, BFM1015   FG-7 FG7N
  W1450   F-108 F108N
  F3L1011F, FL/M1011, BFM1012, BFM1013, FL/M2011, BFM2012, BFM2013   F-104 F104N
Hatz: Most engines   FG7B FG7BNS
Henschel: All engines   FG-7 FG7N
Hercules: G1600 engines   F-101 F101N
  G,   D Series, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2300, 3000, 300T, 3400, 4800   T-208 T208N
Honda-Industrial: Most   engines: GX340, GX390, GC135, GC120, GC160, GX160, GX200,   GX240, GX270, GCV190   F-109 F109N
  GX690   F-105 F105N
Isuzu: See  Heavy Duty Truck engines      
Iveco-Fiat: Z110,   Z120TA, Z220, Z220T, Z230T, Z340T, Z450T   FG7B FG7BNS
John Deere: 3029 (Oil pan # 1901), 4239 (Oil   pan # 1901 & 1902), 6359 (Oil pan # 1905)   T-201 T201N
      T-202 T202N
  3029 (Oil pan # 1906), 3179 (Oil pan #1904), 4219, 4239, 6068, 6081, 6329   T-206 T206N
  3029 (Oil pan #1909), 4045 (Oil pan #1944), 6068 (Oil pan # 1944), 4022   FG7B FG7BNS
  4045 (All, except oil pan # 1944), 6068 (All, except oil pan # 1944), PE4045T   F-104 F104N
  4276 (Oil   pan # 1904 & 1908), 6359 (Oil pan # 1916), 219, 329   T-206 T206N
  6081 (All except oil pan #1905 #1905 takes T-206 only)   T-201 T201N
      T-206 T206N
  4239 (Oil pan # 1901 & 1902),   6359 (Oil pan # 1905)   T-201 T201N
      T-202 T202N
  8105, 8125….( *To be used with Adapter ADP-116) ADP-116 T-204 T204N
  7.6L(Oil pan # 1920)   T-201 T201N
  341, 359, 362, 404, 414, 466, 955, 6359 (Oil pan # 1908)   T-209 T209NS
  6362, 6076, 6404, 6466, 6531, 6619, 8955   T-209 T209NS
Kohler: Small engines with NPT-3/8 plug   - F110N
  Large engines with NPT-1/2 plug   T-202 T202N
Komatsu: 3D72 (except 3D72-2BA), 3D75, 3D75N, 3D78 (except 3D78-1F), 3D78N   FG7B FG7BNS
  3D72-2BA(Serial #1001-3000), 3D80, 3D84, 3D84N (except 3D84N-2AA, 4D84   FG7B FG7BNS
  KDP20T, KDP30T, KDP40T, S3D84, S3D84E, 1D75, 1D84, 2T75L, 3D62AE   F-108 F108N
  2D68E, 3D66, 3D72N, 3D78-1F, 3D84E, 3D84N-2AA, 2D75, 3D68E, 3D63   F-108 F108N
  105 Series  engines   FG-8 FG8NS
Kubota: Z600B, D782, V1903, V2003, V2203,   F-108 F108N
  D905E, D1503, D722, Z482, V3300, V3600, V3800   FG7B FG7BNS
  D600, D750, D850, D905, D950, D1102, D1105, D1302, D1402,   F-103 F103N
  V1100, V1502, V1702, V1902, V4300, ZB600C, Z400, Z500, Z751, Z851   F-103 F103N
  V1305, DF1005, F2302, S2600, S2800, L4630   F-103 F103N
Lister-Petter: Delta Series, X-Range Series (X-86, X-90)   F-106 F106N
Onan: Onan engines with 1/4" NPT plug ADP-710 F-107 F107N
  Onan engines with 3/8" NPT plug   - F110N
  Onan engines with 12mm-1.75 plug   F-107 F107N
Perkins: All engines up to 8 cyl. 540 cubic inches   T-204 T204N
Scania: P112M, P112H, T112M, R112M   FG-6  
Toyota   Industrial: 2J, 5R, 2H, 1Z, 1DZ, 11Z, 13Z, 14Z, 2Z   FG-5  
  2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y, 3F, 5Y   F-103 F103N
  2F, 3P, 4P, 14B   F-104 F104N
Wisconsin: VH4D, AENL and other engines with NPT-3/8 plug   - F110N
  VG4D and other engines with NPT-1/2 plug   T-202 T202N
  V465D and other engines with NPT-3/4 plug   T-201 T201N
Wisconsin-Robin: EY18/3W, EY44W, EY27, W1340, W1185   F-106 F106N
 Yanmar-Industrial TS50, T50C, TS60, TS60C, TS70, TS80,  TS80C, TS105, TS105C, 2T72HLE,    F-108 F108N
  2T75HLE,   3T75HLE, 3T84HLE, 2T90LE, 3T80LE, 3T90LE, 3TN663S, 3TN66EG2    F-108 F108N
  2TNV70, 3TNV70,3TNE74, 3TNV76, 3TNV82     F-108 F108N
  3T95LE, 4T95LE, 4T95LTE, 6T95LE, 6T95LTE    FG-6  
  3TNA72ES, 3TNA72EG2, 3TN75ES, 3TN75EG1, 3TN75EG2, 3TN82ES    FG7B FG7BNS
  3TN82EG1, 3TN82EG2, 4TN82TES, 4TN82TEG1, 4TN82TEG2, 4TNV88    FG7B FG7BNS
  3TNV88, 3TNV84T, 4TNV84T, 4TNV98, 4TNV98T     FG7B FG7BNS
 Yanmar-Marine: 4PH-ME, 4PH-MTE, All QM & JH Series engines    F-108 F108N
  6PH-ME, 6PH-MTE, 6LY-UTE, 6CX-ETE    F-105 F105N
  1GM10    FG7B FG7BNS