Fumoto DEF Valve

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Fumoto DEF Valves: 

Draining exhaust fluid has never been easier!


The new Fumoto DEF valve is constructed of high-quality stainless steel which allows it to last a lifetime in the presence of DEF which will easily corrode other metals. The internal Teflon seals and Viton O-ring are DEF safe as well.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid is two-thirds water and can freeze easily. Opening a valve on a frozen DEF tank can cause serious damage. The Fumoto DEF valve features a red indicator that becomes exposed when the valve is frozen to warn the user not to operate it. This also provides room for the fluid to expand, thereby helping prevent damage to the valve or tank.

Made with your truck in mind

Classic Valve Design

The Fumoto DEF valve uses the same tried and true design as our oil drain valves, which makes it effortless to install and operate.

M14-1.5 Thread Size

M14-1.5 size is standard and will fit most DEF tanks. Other sizes will be made available soon.

Made In Japan

The DEF valve is proudly made by the same ISO-9001 certified factory that has been manufacturing Fumoto Oil Drain Valves for more than 35 years.