Fumoto Announces the Release of the F133, F137, and F139 Series Valves.

May 2, 2020

Some vehicles are designed with large oil pans and small oil drain ports. This can lead to long oil changes. Using a valve instead of a standard drain plug can also add minutes to an already lengthy oil change. Fumoto has come out with a new line of products designed to minimize the time it takes to drain all of the oil from an oil pan.

Fumoto USA is proud to introduce the following valve series: F133(12mm-1.25 threads), F137(12mm-1.75 threads), and F139(12mm-1.5 threads). Fumoto's new set of valves are interchangeable with the F-103, F-107, and F-109 valves. The new valves have bodies that are 29% larger and their oil outlet size is nearly 60% larger than the previous versions. This upgrade will dramatically increase the rate of flow for faster oil changes.


The new valves come in different styles to meet your specific needs. F-133, F-137, and F-139 are our standard style valves with the shortest body length. The F133S, F137S, and F139S have a nipple 5 mm in length which is perfect for attaching a hose connector and hose to direct the flow of oil. The F133N, F137N, and F139N valves have a 15 mm nipple for direct hose attachment.

With over 13 million valves sold since 1976 Fumoto prides itself on being able to respond to the needs of its customers by engineering new and better oil draining solutions. Since the first valve came off the production line Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves have been manufactured in Japan using only the highest quality corrosion resistant forged brass and stainless steel. This allows us to meet ISO-9001 standards. For more information and to find the valve that is right for your vehicle, please visit fumotousa.com.

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